About Us

Who is Deeva Extensions?

We established Deeva extensions in 2015, we felt there was a lack of natural hair textures in the virgin hair market.

Embracing individuality we understand the importance of our Kinks, Curls, and Coils especially for those who are transitioning to natural. As a lover and wearer of all hair types, we brought Deeva Extensions to you. After several months of testing, developing, and processing, the best line of hair extensions is created.

Yes Girls! We know how hard it is for us Canadians to shop online, no shipping option to Canada is frustrating, and when accessible Canadian buyers would pay twice the amount, so not fair.

Why choose us?

We want to enhance your natural texture, we want you to be happy with your Kinks, Curls, Fros, and Coils, we want to be the one who makes head turns when you walk by, we want you to be remembered as THE GIRL WITH THE GOOD HAIR when you leave the party!

and of course, our excellent customer service along with quick delivery and on-demand hair for urgent needs, proves we are here for you.

We got you girls.

Our Purpose

At Deeva Extensions we are devoted and take pride in providing admirable quality. Our hair is relatively affordable, supplying only the highest quality. So whether you want something kinky or something wild and daring like our curls, you can rest assured that at Deeva Extensions we are zealous to instinctively fulfill the needs of our customers.